Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mostly work

Made food, mailed a package. Worked for a large portion of the day. Listened to more about Butterbur and Strider and the rest while driving. Drank coffee. Took a long bath and listened to a Jason Meyer sermon on prayer. So good. You should definitely listen. peace, my friends


Anonymous said...

Just listened with my daughter to the sermon you linked. Thank you, such good timing for me! And, side note, Jason Meyer reminds us so much of Piper!! :-) My husband and i just came from the Reformation Worship conference this weekend. The theme was prayer. God knows and is so trying to teach me in this time of my life of adult children outta my home, adult children in my home, and still homeschooling a high school freshman. Along with my desire to go to Turkey to share the Gospel and live among the people there. So much more goin on, but i digress :-) !!!! Anyway, thank you again for posting it. Blessed Lord's Day to you.~tammy

Kat said...

Sounds like a pretty good day. 💛

Olivia said...

So good to hear Tammy! Yes, I'm often amazed by how much Jason Meyer reminds me of Paster Piper (he will always be called that in my head). Prayer is so huge. I'm learning so much about it recently.