October's speeding by

A working day at the coffeeshop ~

The Hobbits have met Strider and left Bree ~

Laundromat time--great place for a little NCIS, push-ups, and prayer ~

A pleasant edition of what's-in-the-fridge: stuff for tomato soup, and pumpkin custard ~

Moved my stuff back into my room; don't care if they're not done plastering--must inhabit ~

Enjoying Foyle: especially the World Ward II planes ~

Getting ready for our Halloween party on Saturday ~

I love the smell of fresh sheets; clean lounge pants, and tidy stacks of clothes ~

I can also smell popcorn, and lavender essential oils. I approve ~


Kat said…
Lovely, all. I was going to ask if your bed was back cause really, very necessary. So glad they've met up with Strider.