Read a wonderful article this morning called: Remember, He Loves You

It fits in perfectly with all that God has been showing me this year. Today it was really brought home to me. We are beloved.

I was thinking about what I've been learning this week. I'm trying to be more aware of these things.
It's been a messy week, a bit of a blooper reel, especially the last few days. Just, you know, the kind of days where you get Mocha Frappe all over your face while you're making it (I was able to successfully answer the drivethru while wiping my face off though...) Just that sort of week. Sometimes it was hilarious, but after a while it gets very wearing, and I'm shaking my head a bit now.

But I think God's using just this sort of thing to show me how fallible and helpless I am, how dependent on Him. It's humbling and good, and He's gentle with me.
But there has also been so much encouragement this week: through friends, in person, through comments on this blog.
I feel encouraged where I am, to move forward from here. To be careful, to keep my guard up (not the self-protective, hiding kind, but the shelf & buckler,  keep-your-eyes-out kind) and march on, laughing and freely.

Further up, and Further in!

I am messy. I am loved.