Tis Autumn

Can't believe I forgot to post this last night! . * :

"Life starts all over again when it get's crisp in fall." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

dressing up the house
Do listen to some Vince Guaraldi, and breathe in the brisk air, and feel free to have a Pumpkin Latte, or some cider, just because.
and myself for the occasion
 The first day of fall and the Baggins' Birthdays! I made molasses cookies and seedcake before I headed off to work...
Carrying on family traditions!

"Bilbo and Frodo happened to have the same birthday, September 22nd. 'You have better come and live here, Frodo my lad,' said Bilbo one day; 'and then we can celebrate our birthday-parties comfortably together.'" --A Long Expected Party, The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien
when you work over teatime: Earl Grey and Seedcake


Deanna Rabe said…
We celebrated Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays yesterday with a Hobbit Day party. Dancing, feasting, lights in the party tree! So fun!