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I did it again

perusing stores beauty
Yesterday was gorgeous, both weather-wise, and with the things it contained. So nice, apparently, that I forgot to post here!

I opened the coffeeshop in the morning, and worked till about noon. Then I walked around Michaels for a little while and bought some delightful things that I hadn't planned to spend money on, but...

Went home and had a relaxing afternoon with a short nap and some internet/pinterest time. And then Ben called and asked if I wanted to go view a house with him. Of course!

So we met up at the place, walked through and chatted about it, and then decided we wanted supper. We found the nearest Noodles and Company, conveniently near the river, and ordered take-out.

The air was blustery and delightful but not yet chilling. We parked in a good spot we remembered, and set off down the sidewalk, noodles in hand. We walked past pretty streets and over traintracks.

We got to a bridge and started over it, eating our noodles and chatting about life. The views were amazing. I'll put up some pictures in my next post. We wound our way around then headed back.

It was the perfect spontaneous evening, and on our way back, we met Amy at cuppajava. Had a good time walking about, chatting and laughing a good deal.

More to come later!


Anonymous said...

Lovely time in a lovely place!!~tammy ps were the noodles gluten free?? I am g.f. and would love to know more places were offering such.

Olivia said...

Yes! I believe noodles and company offers several gluten free options, but I always end up getting the Pad Thai, which is made with rice noodles and so naturally gluten free. Dairy free too, I am told! Which is nice since I'm trying to head in that direction as well.

Anonymous said...

Dairy free, life with no cheese???!!!! Oh my! My Trader Joes total would certainly be alot less!! They have some Yummy cheese selections!! It is a good thing i have to travel into Atlanta to go there else my husband may take away my credit card!!! HA!!! :-) For real tho, i just had some molasses cookies for breakfast that were g.f., dairy free, and egg free. They were very good!!! I just don't WANT to give up cheese n 1/2 n 1/2 :-). So thankful that there are so many options available now for those that have to be free from so much in their diets these days!!! ~Have a wonderful and blessed weekend and Lord's Day!!!