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Two in One

My apologies, friends. I woke up this morning and suddenly realized that I hadn't posted on my blog last night. It wasn't even one of my busiest days, although it was reasonably full. I had plenty of time to post, a couple of windows in my day, including right before bed, which was when I planned to do it. But I forgot. I was sleepy and headachy by bedtime and only managed to finish the first chapter in Sherwood Ring.
No matter.
The thing is that these days string together so much. It's hard to tell what day it is. Working almost every day, even if it's not for very many hours, tends to throw that methodical equilibrium off. Maybe that's what this week is. Adjusting, as if to a climate or altitude. Let's hope so ;)
At any rate, one is bound to forget what day it is when one works in the morning and goes to church in the evening... and it's actually Saturday.

So yes, I was able to go to church last night since I won't be able to go today. That was wonderful. Good for the soul, uplifting for the spirit, and giving my mind a track to run on this week. Jesus is so very near--no, here. Right here.

The boys came over last night and helped us grill burgers. We put on a very pleasing spread--yum! And I was able to make some peach cobbler before heading to church, so we had that for after. 

The weather is getting pleasantly fallish. This morning is downright chilly. I had hot tea and pancakes with apple-butter and eggs. (That punctuation is accurate by the way, I ate my eggs in a pancake.) When I checked my schedule I realized I didn't work as early this morning as I'd thought, so I have some time for food and writing. 

I hope to get back to blogging a little this afternoon, since I'm allowed two posts today to make up for yesterday. But this will do for both days if I don't get back to it. :) See you around!

I'm also remembering another skyline today and how it was changed forever. Has it been 15 years? I've just been looking at pictures of 'then and now'. They're a few years old, but the meaning is the same. September 11. We won't forget.

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Anonymous said...

Love that picture at the top :-). That character cracks me up!! Grilled burgers, Church, having a job, family, and friends. Life is full and it is good!! :-)~tammy