Snippets from a full day

Some mornings you look in the mirror....
It was just one of those mornings when I looked about seven years old. *rolls up sleeves*: "Let's do something about this." I didn't get picture-proof, but by the time I left for work I had managed a good hair-makeup-gold-shirt-earrings combination that helped my age and overall appearance.

Lin Manuel-Miranda, you really clogging my Twitter feed. But that's ok, I can scroll past a few dozen posts to read your encouraging go-get-the-day one. Ain't even mad.

Started the day off right with breakfast, taming the eyebrows (trust me, it helps with the day), Shane and Shane, and hot tea with the delectable gluten free muffin a dear friend left for me.

Remembered a fun story from the other night, when I visited Trader Joe's... The guy at the checkout was named Lorenzo, and there was a little girl behind me named Geovana. At first she thought his name was Leonardo, so she started telling us about Da Vinci. It was delightful.

after closing at work, met Ben for a little chat
#allthecoffees #nomoreplease
packlunch for my long workday
(didn't get to most of it)