Pictures from yesterday

My epic roommates woke up at 3 to decorate the house and surprise me with bacon and pancakes before I headed to work at 5am. They even wrote on my car. Best start to the day ever. Bacon and pancakes are definitely my love language. And confetti at 4:30am is always a good idea.

After work I grabbed some pad thai for lunch and headed back to the house where I reveled in the festivity there, listened to fun music, and opened the package awaiting me there.

(I also carried the blue chair into the kitchen because it matched the party streamers and balloons.)

Then, Will suggested an adventure and we headed to Minnehaha falls.

There we explored, basked in nature, talked, walked, and ate snacks...

...and quoted Hiawatha.

There were also a bunch of well wishes from all over the day and the internet. It was a joyous day. I am blessed. Thank you all.