Library cards and knife names

thanks for library-hopping with me, brother!
 Ben came over today and went with me to the local library. We looked around and I got a library card(!) so now I'm set to face the world. "The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." -Albert Einstein
I'm getting ready to figure out the new inter-library-loan system, since it's always my best friend.

We stopped back home to make a little pasta for lunch and I finished naming my knife--the chef-knife I got for my birthday. His name is Percy and I can't cook without him.
 Then Ben and I headed to the Central Library, where we climbed stairs and ogled at the view and puzzled over which doors went where, and made sure we could get the Bond movies, etc.
 We sat down for a bit with coffee, to check email and things before heading back. We parted ways then, and not long after I headed to work for a few hours.
Now I'm in bed with a bag of chocolate chips and contemplating a movie. G'night!