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Overnight in the country

Here's some art I was working on last night for my niece's fourth birthday. (Eventually to become Rapunzel from Tangled.)

Today I worked in the morning. It was crazy busy for a while and I absolutely loved it. It slowed down toward noon, and I headed home soon after. Threw together some things for an overnight trip and hopped in the shower before Ben came.
When he got off work and showered and grabbed stuff too, he came and picked me up and we headed down the road toward the Parent's home. We had a great talk in the car.
Driving through the country I was thinking about city and country. I'm very glad to be living in the city right now, and so far wouldn't change it. But it's great to have a country-place and small town to come back to for holidays and all that.
This time it was to celebrate a bunch of family and extended family birthdays. It was a chance to see Sis and the nieces and nephews, to see more of the extendeds, to spend a night in Mom and Dad's house again.
And for the boys, a chance to get up ridiculously early tomorrow morning to go hunting for ducks and geese.
Just in the last day or so the world has changed it's face and become autumnal. Trees begin to change. There are a few sodden leaves on the sidewalks. Crazy rainstorms sweep through, leaving the sky cloudy, and the air wet. The lighting is different. Fall is here.

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