Catching up

early morning carpool commute
a place for all my pantry things

Sunday afternoon chilling with roommates and brother

into the city

The Prams (opening for Borayork)
great concert

melon morning

And then back to visit parents, sibs, nieces and nephews.
Talking, cooking, napping afternoon.
A delightful birthday dinner,
time with the kiddos,
conversation about my new place.


garden watermelon
sweet and fresh

precious gifts

And as always... great food.


Anna said…
I am a middle-aged mom in Birmingham and I *love* reading about what you are doing, Livi! You are such an inspiration to me! I read your recommended Understood Betsy a few years ago and passed it along to another mom who teaches about 40 children each year at a homeschool co-op. She put that book on the list this year for the students to read. :) Your influence is broader than you realize. Keep up the good work!
Anna said…
And, happy birthday!!
Olivia said…
Thank you Anna! That means so very much to me.