fall, floating, fly

City of My Mind
~ 7-1-15 ~ by Olivia ~ all rights reserved ~

I travel the world over in my mind
I dance from thought to thought
Building stories like an architect
Considering expression, and chasing a feeling
Like shifting light patterns
Just to know its name
I am free
To think, move, and believe
Philosophize, breathe, stare.

I read, and gather bits of life
And rain and sun drifting in 
The stained-glass window
Of my mind’s eye
Blinking, I hold out my arms
Balancing between the here and then
The full extents and possibilities
Fitting in with the familiar
I don’t know

Dust and the stars, life like the sea
Fall, floating, I fly like the sky is my bed
I drink the clouds like rain
And sing
Syllables taste like frost and dandelions
My dreams, some careless toothpick castles
Others as firm as the ground
Hard-packed ideas, keen emotion
Heart’s yearning, strung with imagination

Doors crash, lights flick on and off in my city
Traffic slows and then commences
Clockwork of my consciousness
Windows to wash and thoughts to filter
Walls climbed. Avenues and old buildings
That remember. Bustle. A murmuring mind
Growth, movements, and connections
Map the city of my intellect

I’ll rest in the harbor.