Beating in fingers
Thrumming through minds
Soothing and stirring
Ever it winds

Changing forever
Its own self remaining
Traveling always
Never taming

Throbbing like a heartbeat
Ripple up and down
Moving through lines with grace
And resting unbound

Rivulets of sound
Vibrations that soar
Dancing without feet
A joyous roar

Heart-strings and brain-waves
Kettles that blow
Movement and timbre
Tempest and slow

Pierced by horns
Strings pull you in
Keys open eyes
Wood sways with wind

Pattering rhythms
Shattering walls
Like laughter and rivers
Commended to all

Penetrating edges
Fluttering heights
Cascading onward
Like a shower of lights

Tumbling jewels
Like notes on a string
Gift to the eardrums

I make the world sing

original work by Olivia, all rights reserved


Kat said…
LoVe. Beauty. You make music with words.