Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my Nigella-worthy culinary evening last night. I made myself an omelette--garden semi-hot peppers, garlic, sriracha--in a cassava tortilla for supper, and filled another couple of tortillas for my pack lunch today: avocado, pepper, tomato, cucumber. I wrapped them up nicely for the fridge, straightening up behind me. And I got to top off my delectable supper with a peach from the fruit basket someone brought. It was the sweetest, loveliest peach I've had in a long time.

I got to put on my fresh new sheets, and cover my bed in lovely blueness, and I went to bed early, because today was early at work. It was a misty morning, listened to jazz the last couple minutes of the drive. Learned and practiced at work, and now using the wifi for a bit of blogging, pinterest, and listening to spotify.

Not sure what the afternoon will contain, but I would guess some work on making the house a home.
Till next time then!