Treats and well wishes

bite-size caprese
goodbye first-legit-coworkers
chocolate zucchini bread

Brought treats to work today.

A man came into the drugstore today and said, 'I love this place! I used to go to one of these. They sold everything! But it got bought out. Hold on to it hard!'
I didn't tell him I was leaving, that this was my last day. I just agreed with him. It is a dying breed and I hope this one continues to go strong, against the current.
'They take care of you in a place like this.' he said, and proceeded to call me 'Hun', and bought himself a fedora.

Everyone is wishing me luck, and asking if I'm excited. I am.

So many well wishes. So many 'be safe's. A gift and note from my coworkers.
It was a great last day.