Interval days

 laundry and dishes with some Elementary and Lie to Me.

Chocolate Zucchini Bread
Courtesy of Elana

And I have to share a quote from this post by Lanier on her lovely blog Lanier's Books. I recommend the entire post, but wanted to point out here one of the bits that spoke so much to where I'm at.*

"Stay Uncomfortable.
In other words, I must keep allowing myself to be thrown into situations and opportunities in which I am completely over my head. I must keep letting my limits be pushed, embracing the utter disquietude that often (usually, always) accompanies a genuine heart’s desire. I mustn’t allow fear or self-consciousness or inexperience to tether me to the dock when God is longing to breathe wind into my sails. No matter how old I get, I must never allow complacency to masquerade as contentment. Contentment is a lovely thing—a holy thing, in its proper expression. But it must never become an excuse for disobedience."

*(Fear not grammar-junkies, I use dangled prep's and other common language blunders for intentional communication purposes.)