Sunday, August 7, 2016

In between

not my laundry basket, lest any be confused
I took the picture because I liked the light-play
I just bought a laundry basket. And some dish soap and pine sol. Pleasant, independent, beginning sort of purchases. We have a ridiculously complex detour in my parents town just now, so it's quite a feat getting around to the dollar store and the post office. I dropped in to my sister's house, just in time to get in on dessert--a brownie with coffee ice-cream. I saw the happy faces of my nieces and nephews, and made plans to spend a little more time with my sister before I'm officially moved away. It's nice to have a short rest from the hectic moving-and-new-job part of life, but every day I do a little something in that direction.

I was able to spend some time reading my current Gamache novel. I wrote a few letters that I've been procrastinating for a long time, and folded laundry while watching Elementary. Heard this priceless gem of a quote by Sherlock: "You have the face and frame of a distressed catcher's mitt."

Some days, you just can't beat that.

But on a more glorious note, I've just read and must pass on the previously mentioned Sarah's glorious post Write the Rainbow over at Thoroughly Alive. Thank you Lanier for the link!

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