In lieu of trying to belong to any number of societies: Chesterton, Sherlock Holmes, the Inklings, and so on: I propose and establish one of my own. Don your intelligence cap at the door; dust off your logic and imagination; did you bring your inspiration and encouragement? We are shapers, my friends; lit lamps; light-bringers. Bring quotes*; poetry should be uplifting and thoughtful, or witty and clever, (or both). Humor is encouraged; laughter is invited back. Pull up a chair. Anyone for tea?



Coffee, blues, and onward

I woke up this morning after thoroughly 'sleeping in' with the covers over my head. And it wasn't even 7:30 yet! Thank you east window, sunshine, and the feeling of a new day beginning. I started out without plans, except to do stuff around the house: nothing to do but soar.
Well, how about pour instead?
Someone called in sick at work and I got the text while I was snap-chatting with the bro. Sure, why not? I can be in in forty minutes. It took closer to 50 since I had to hop in the shower, grab a bite, and drive not long after rush hour, but it wasn't long before I got there and was ready to go.
Everything's starting to fall into place at work, and I'm getting more comfortable with everything. People were cooperative too, and ordered plenty of normal drinks that I could relax and make by myself. It was a good feeling, and a short shift. A great start to the day, and an excuse for coffee and wifi. I even managed to grab the scones I'd whipped up yesterday afternoon after going out, and of course my laptop.

A little soundtrack--the kind I imagine for my day:


Yesterday evening, after arranging in my room for a bit, I was feeling... down. Not for any especially good reason, but the kind that comes, and you say: no more room cleaning. I went downstairs and made myself an omelette, and then Amy joined me and we went out on the stoop with our drinks. Ashley joined us, and we eventually moved to the kitchen floor--which is of course, the ultimate place for sprawling and great conversation. And gelato.
Because I live with the greatest bunch of girls, and I'm so excited to see what this year holds for us! Looking forward to when all five of us are together!


Kat said...

The blues collection is going to be *oh* so very happy--can't wait to see. That little niche... Does it go to the floor? Maybe a made to spec shelf or micro table? Fun! Awesome-sauce soundtrack. We'll need to have a dance party to that one of these days. I just had an impromptu by myself. (And just the right amount of sax...) Give the girls a hug for me if the chance comes up; someday we'll meet!

Olivia said...

Yes! Dad's already working on my shelf. ;)

Kat said...

But of course! :)