To and Fro

 I don't have many words tonight. I am absolutely dead tired, not sure why. Driving makes me tired, and the allergies are bad but it's more than that. Of course I'm doing a bunch of new stuff these days, and trekking back and forth between my new house, and my parent's house is beginning to wear. About one more week, a couple of back-and-forths, and I will be officially moved in! I can't wait for that settled feeling.

 Today, on my drive back to the Parental's, I stopped to change the address on my license, and forward my mail. It's really happening, people!
 I've also been to a garage sale, loaded and unloaded cars, finished my Ellis Peters book, and fallen asleep on the couch. And eaten some yummy food. Looking forward to more yummy food, and more sleep.


Kat said…
You needeth some serious bookshelvage.
Olivia said…
Yeah I just haven't taken the big vehicle, so it doesn't fit.