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Early shift, city lights, settling in

That was my view driving home from work yesterday evening. It made my day. It's a pleasant length of trip. Enough time to listen to the news, or some music, or just let your thoughts unwind, but not too lengthy. And after eight hours of work sometimes it's nice to kick back and drive before you get home and kick your shoes off. Grace came over to do a few things in her room, and I put in a gluten-free pizza. Sharing pizza with someone after sharing a work-shift is a great feeling.
Then after a little more arranging in our respective rooms, she headed out and I settled in for the night, knowing I had an early morning shift. My mind buzzed around for a little while, but I got to sleep before long.

Waking up at four am is just odd. I looked at my alarm with a quizzical expression as if it were behaving oddly on purpose. I hit the snooze button, but after about a minute, realized that wouldn't help, and rolled out of bed onto my yoga mat. I'm glad I'd rolled it out the night before, otherwise I  may have been in danger of skipping it. Perhaps it was because I had so recently been sleep-breathing, or else it was just a gift from the Lord, but my yoga and breathing felt deep and smooth and productive. So the fifteen minutes I was able to squeeze in woke up my mind and body like it was supposed to, without feeling achy or weak.
And once I am awake I do love early mornings.

I headed down for breakfast, made a sort of omelette that involved leftover rice, and a couple of banana-egg 'pancakes'. By the time I hopped out of the shower I had about eight minutes left. I was ready in six, and stepping out the door was surprised by how dark it still was. I couldn't see the lock.

Of course predawn traffic is great, and seeing the downtown lights as I drove just made my heart sing. A few minutes before I got to work I found a dope jazz station on the radio. Perfect before daylight. I got to watch the sunrise from the front window of Slurps & Chews (that's it's new nickname according to me). Over the course of my shift I learned new things and became comfortable enough to do a few things on my own. And now I'm hanging out post-shift for the wifi and companionship.
Got to work on this under-glass collage for my desk last night.
Listening to this delightful Glenn Miller radio show:

What's better?

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