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first night

Photo from yesterday

I am happily ensconced in my new bedroom, preparing for sleep. My first night here.

Today began with oatmeal and raisins and roofs slick with rain (the latter of which lived exclusively in the novel I read during breakfast). Because, as Jack so wisely pointed out ‘eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably’.

The day proceeded then rather slowly. Work began at 8:30 but I had very little to do all day besides greet everyone who came in the door. Certainly I sorted things and checked people out but there is very little activity involved. I have, on more than one occasion, gone so completely to autopilot that I would greet those coming in with ‘have a nice day!’. At least I was polite?

At any rate, I learned during the day that I start training at my new job tomorrow! So I made lists for the evening and decided to drive up tonight. I’d begun loading my car yesterday, so there were only a few more things to add at the end of a long day—food and lamps and the hot water boiler. This time I did not forget my CDs, but was mostly done with my Gamache novel. I was able to finish it in the car on the way here, the sunset at my back.

My brothers had dropped off my desk earlier in the day, so I met Will for my key and brought in just a few things for the night. I put away the food and decided I wasn’t hungry enough to need a bedtime omelette. I arranged a few things in my room, turned on the fan, and got into cool sleepwear for this warm summer night. I am pleased to still be able to hear crickets outside, as well as occasional traffic and people.

It was a lovely sight driving in, nearing my house, the city skyline visible above the trees, all lit up. Off to my right was a little reedy lake and all around homes quieting for the night.

I’ll wrap up now and do something very clever in order to post this without wifi. 


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Jodi said...

I'm eating poached egg and toast, while reading your delightful post.