molasses day

"Well, it's not the fastest-moving day in all of history." I said to one of my coworkers. Laughing, she agreed. A long day at work. And the light has been twilightish all day, which adds to the affect.

Last night, I went to bed at seven o'clock! I couldn't even start my new book. But I woke at a reasonable hour, made breakfast, and scones for this evening at my sister's. I've been looking forward to a little piece of weekend with her.

My lunch hour was busy and delicious, got to see and chat with the fam, dig up a few things from the attic, make chicken salad for Ben.

Brainstormed during the slow work day about how to bring more blue into my new room. It definitely needs more blue. I have to live in a cocoon of blue, thank you. It brings me joy. I also came up with a couple of new imaginary characters to join the ranks in the city of my mind.

Just had the most delicious supper, and happy play with the kiddos.
Now for a cozy time with Katie!